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Denims – How To Decide Your Style?



When it comes to shopping for denims, many men encounter real problems. On the high street today, there is a bewildering variety of shapes, styles and colours giving the fashion savvy man an infinite range of choice options. The main commandment when buying the best jeans for your shape is to buy for the body you have, (and like the cliché suggests, not the body you want.) In order to get this right, you have to know about the main style options available to help you in making an educated choice and avoiding all potential denim disasters that await you.

A Cut Above The Rest

One of the most important details of jeans that you have to consider is the cut. These fall into several main categories; ‘skinny’, ‘slim’, ‘straight’ and ‘relaxed’ cuts (or ‘fits’). What these descriptions actually mean can differ depending on the stores and designers. The golden rule is to always try the denims on when you are in the shop, as the result you read will not always give you the result you want. Buying jeans can require a certain amount of trial and error, so make sure you try something from each category to make sure you get the result you are after.

Rise To The Task

The rise of the jeans is all about you comfort (more than what looks good). We all know from experience that the last thing you want when you sit down is to have jeans cutting into your stomach and dropping you at the back (AKA Builder’s Bum). This really is the ultimate warning signed that the pair of jeans that you’ve chosen just aren’t right for you, even if they look great on someone else. When selecting and buying jeans, to cover all bases of comfort and style. Try at least two pairs from each shop or designer, and see how they fit. If they both fit then great, and if one of them doesn’t fit as perfectly, then you can simply go back and try another size and style variation.

Grab The Garment

In case you are not aware of this, all jeans need to pass the pinch test to ensure they look great on you. When sitting down (or standing up) pinch the denim with your fingers around the top of your thigh. If you get some excess of about an inch or two in your fingers, then your jeans should look pretty flattering. However, if you struggle to pinch enough material then it could mean that your jeans are a little too tight. This tried and tested idea works great for both appearance and comfort and can help you avoid an embarrassing rips and tears in the future as you walk confidently forward in your perfectly fitting jeans.

Colour Chemistry

With today’s design options, denims come in all the colours of the rainbow plus some, so it can be confusing to see what’s flattering on you. As a rule of thumb, go for one light pair and one dark pair as your wardrobe fundamentals. Outside this, you can have a pair for more formal or casual events. It is good to have a variation in your wardrobe, even when it comes to jeans.


Men with larger or wider legs should avoid going for the creasing pattern option because this can make the leg look even wider. The great thing about coloured jeans is that any body size can get away with them, so long as they are not ´too´ bold or clash with something that you are already wearing. If you’re tired of the more traditional colour options of blue, grey and black then try out variations in autumnal rusts, plums and greens. If you don’t want to go dark, then check out the more pale and creamy based options which are perfect for the up-coming Spring and Summer months.


Athletic Apparel

If you have an athletic build then the last thing you want to do is wear the skinniest or tightest jeans possible to show off those calf muscles. It may seem like a sound idea when shopping for them, but chances are your best leg features inside denim, will make you look at the best somewhat disproportionate. If you choose options which are more straight cut with a mid to low rise, then you will not go far wrong. You’ll still have the athletic build to show off but you will not have odd-looking legs as an end result. It is important to realise that skinny jeans can be really constricting as they are designed to look streamlined, not tight.

Skinny Legs

If like me you have got thinner legs, then you can usually get away with a skinnier cut but you need to make sure you don’t go for the skinniest and tightest style that is possible. Going too skinny can make you look smaller and end up giving you a pretty unflattering look overall. You can opt for a thicker fabric to avoid looking overly skinny outlines, as these add a bit of bulk where needed and are more comfortable to wear. Remember with skinny jeans come skinny legs – which needs a skinny waist and hips. If you have all 3, then great. If not, then don´t try it.

Built Big

With regards to stocky – you have two options; there’s tall and stocky and short and stocky. If you’re tall and stocky, always avoid low rise jeans and don’t go for the skinnier fits; go for a higher rise which can sit comfortably on the stomach. On the other hand, if you are short and stocky, you can sometimes afford to go for a slimmer fit and a lower rise. The golden rule here is to make sure the rise sits comfortably underneath the stomach to avoid feeling like you are being cut-into (along with the inevitable red line imprint when you take them off.) It is also important to remember that if you’re short and stocky then you should avoid a wider leg as this will only make you look even wider.


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