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Blooming Spring – How To Apply Seasonal Florals



The old rule in fashion still rings true – ´wear prints in summer.´ Not only is it unclear, but also a rather idle command. These days, menswear fashion is flooded with a variety of different patterns and prints which features everything from the outstanding popularity at Gucci from Alessandro Michele´s animal prints to Moschino´s fast food packaging and pop art.

Being vocal and praising the benefits of wearing these prints still may not answer with clarity the million dollar question of which ones to wear, or indeed how to structure them as an outfit as well as accessorising them (not every man can pull off an oversized lilac floral sweatshirt). It is important to remember that both your appearance and confidence play a bit part in making it a victorious choice.

With so many thoughts on this style; from the good and the great to the ugly, here are some tips on how to wear this trend with the flair of all the top design houses.
Runway Trends

The runways for spring / summer 2017 were flooded with prints and the look seemed to suggest the more the merrier. Taking for example Gucci´s latest offerings from wunderkind Michele who sent geometric prints and bright floral embellishments down the runway. On this notion, Loewe also took a more graphic approach with light hearted motifs on everything from shorts to jackets in a choice of primary coloured contrasting colourways.
With Louis Vuitton, the graphic trend gave way to a softer variation with pale, fluid type patterns covering the key outerwear pieces. Gucci also picked up on this trend of green fingers with its trademark hand painted floral silk shirts as well as the big trend of the season; it would seem yet again – the bomber jacket (which was enthusiastically served in the 2017 Pantone colour of the year – green).

Fantastic Florals

Head to toe floral tailoring is one of the most difficult looks to pull off. It may look great as part of the Gucci model army, but in and around Birmingham, it may put you seriously out of place. Unless you’re a celebrity, don’t even bother trying a fully floral suit, but instead it is safer to opt for a subtly printed blazer to make you apparel affirmation.

Patterned Shirts

Tried and tested, the un-presuming shirt has always been a great start for a summer print. The real key to wearing this pattern is to keep everything relatively simple, if you are sporting a floral shirt; then pair it with jeans or a paler plain suit to make the pattern pop out. One of the more extreme runway trends, the all over print pyjama suits that have been gracing the runways of late is a look that may not translate well to an everyday look. The trick is to pick a focal piece and pair it with neutral hues such as Gucci with their shark collar shirt layered over a plain white t-shirt.

The Statement Bomber Jacket


This trend appeared (and still appears) on every man’s style guide this summer. At the peak of its saturation, the old school bomber jacket is being revitalised yet again by splicing it with florals.

The MA-1 bomber jacket was the very first military supplied article to cross over into mainstream fashion and has since been reinterpreted by almost every brand for an east meets west look. By pairing this piece with classic dark denims and canvas trainers, you can control the impact of this look and make a rather nice statement. This bomber trend is predictably available in a range of florals and graphic styles reinforcing its importance as a summer staple which is stylish and original. This piece may not offer wardrobe longevity but it is a statement piece which pays full respect to the trends of the moment.

Printed Shorts

Printed shorts allow you to follow this seasons colour trends without applying too much knowledge. A strong tailored cut that stops above the knee is a savvy choice for a sartorial solution. The classical stripe / microprint option is a great idea for an instant ´Marbella bound´ notion. To add to this look also, don´t be afraid to play around with bold graphics and florals. By pairing a Cuban type collar shirt and plain white sneakers you will be beach ready in no time at all. (And, if you are feeling a bit more formal then tuck your shirt in and complete the look with a co-ordinating belt). By investing also in print tailored swim shorts, you can double up on your looks and cut down on suitcase space.

Statement Accessories

If you would rather see than be seen, then integrating this trend into accessories could be a much safer idea for you if you are not brave enough to wear a full on printed look. Scarves in particular administer some subtle vibrancy and let you keep the rest of your look together. Prints can be applied to the full range of accessories; from socks and footwear to pocket squares and t-shirts, this easy way to recognise the trend means you can mix and match to your hearts content ( as long as you keep your motif´s consistent).


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