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This History of The Football Casual



Back in the summer of this year, we wrote about the rebranding of Burberry. Reinventing themselves after the brand was adopted by the football casual during the 90s. Originally, they embraced the relationship producing baseball caps with the iconic Burberry pattern. But, they suffered from the stench of being connected to the violence and fantisocial behaviour that was an element of the football casual. But the reality is, by the time Burberry became associated with the football casual subculture the Police had started to clean up violence at football, pushing the hooligan firms underground. But reputations stick around don’t they? Burberry suffered and so does the modern-day football casual. 13 million people a year still turn up to watch their teams, week in, week out, with incidents of violence a rare blip. Now, the football casual is all about the fashion. But then again, it always was.


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