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The Rise of the Fur-Free Movement



Fur in fashion has always been, and will continue to be a very controversial topic. I am sure someone in your family has at some point come across a vintage fur garment that has been passed down through generations or perhaps it’;s your personal lifestyle choice to buy fur from a luxury retailer. All I hope is that when it comes to buying fur you have fully considered your reasons for and implications of purchasing such items. Although purveyors of fur claim to monitor their suppliers on the treatment of their animals, there is still a vast amount of cruelty inflicted on these innocent creatures and the numbers that are killed every year remains eye-watering. There has more recently been a gradual shift from using real fur by luxury brands as the development of modern alternatives has pretty much eliminated the need for it. We have developed other materials that are perfectly capable of keeping us warm. What it comes down to today, in the fashion world, is the influence of some luxury brands on consumers as well as whether or not the consumers are correctly informed.


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