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Summer Grooming Tips from Toni and Guy



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Summer Grooming Tips from Toni & Guy

Beach, beers, and barbeques – what’s not to love about Summer? As much as we love the warmer weather, oily skin, greasy hair, and sweaty pits are a just a few examples of unfortunate pitfalls. However, you needn’t fear as our barber and hair stylish friends over at Toni & Guy are on hand to relieve you of your grooming woes and get you looking your best by the time festival season rolls around. 

Moisturising & SPF 

Overtime, crevices and cracks will appear on the skin, worsened by the sun’s harmful UV rays. It is important to moisturise daily, particularly with SPF to prevent premature ageing and discolouration. As males, we often overlook a healthy skincare regime, however, it takes very little to see a big difference. A top tip is to know your skin type. There are several moisturisers on the market so it’s important to find the one best suited to you.

Shampoo Regularly

Shampoo regularly but not every day. Chemicals such as harmful sulphates are found in most shampoos and using daily will strip the hair of its natural oils needed to stay healthy, shiny and soft. Two to 3 times a week is best and we would suggest using a clarifying shampoo in the warmer months in order to take care of summer’s sweat and grime.


Keep Hair Trimmed 

Long, short, thick or thin – men’s hair needs just as much love and care as women’s and also benefits from regular maintenance. Having less hair obviously means keeping cooler which is essential during summer. I recommend visiting your barber every 6-8 weeks to remove damage and keep your locks looking neat and tidy.

Protein is your Pal 

It’s more important than ever to protect your hair in the summer time. Overexposure to sweat, the sun’s rays and humidity are all good enough reasons to use protection. label.m’s Protein Spray helps to shield hair from heat damage and UV rays. Spray to towel dried hair 2-3 times a week after washing to experience its full benefits.


It’s so important to drink more water and stay hydrated during Summer. Drinking water not only gets rid of dandruff and prevents hair from thinning but also promotes hair growth and fights off other hair and scalp challenges. Water hydrates the body and feeds the hair follicle, which in turn, stimulates hair growth. Dehydrated hair will become dry and may stop growing. We strongly recommend everyone to follow the 8 glasses a day rule as often as possible.


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