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Shochiku Kabuki X UNIQLO Collection Project

UNIQLO have announced a collaboration with Shochiku Co., Ltd., a major Kabuki, film and theatre organization in Japan, to launch the Shochiku Kabuki + UNIQLO Assortment, a specially made line that will showcase Japanese traditions in pop culture via clothes. Ichikawa Ennosuke IV, one of Kabuki’s most common stars, will serve as the collection’s Task Ambassador.

Kabuki is a classical executing artwork that has fascinated individuals around the world since originating a lot more than 400 years ago, throughout the Edo Period of Japanese historical past and it has been recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

In creating the collection, Shochiku and UNIQLO have respected the tenets of shin-zen-bi, meaning truth, goodness and attractiveness, in sharing conventional Japanese culture. UNIQLO is committed to shifting the planet for the far better through the electrical power of clothes. LifeWear, launched in 2013, embodies a quest to boost person lifestyles by delivering good quality clothing that is functional in design and style and versatile to dress in. 

An illustration of LifeWear is UT (UNIQLO T-shirts), which very first launched in 2003. Over the years UTs have featured an array of genuine pop culture graphics, from Ukiyo-e woodblock prints and paintings to manga and the collaboration with Shochiku resulted in Kabuki-themed offerings in men’s and women’s UTs, STETECO and RELACO lines, bandanas and tote bags.

UT Inventive Director NIGO evaluated optimum designs, cuts and materials underneath supervision from Shochiku and Ennosuke IV. Inspired by Kabuki’s beautiful costumes and elaborate stage make-up, the style motifs also incorporate the crests and patterns of Omodaka-ya, the title of the guild or acting house to which Ennosuke belongs. The new collection will launch first in France on March twenty and in other markets thereafter. The Japan launch will get place on March 26. 


“I am pleased that this collaboration has come to fruition and that nowadays UNIQLO starts a new partnership with Kabuki. With traditions dating back to several hundred many years ago, Kabuki is a very important facet of Japanese culture that is acknowledged globally. By combining sophisticated UNIQLO pop culture with Kabuki’s traditions, which were regarded as sophisticated pop culture in the Edo Time period, we could collectively accomplish a new and sophisticated pop culture from Japan to the planet via our clothes,” said Tadashi Yanai, UNIQLO Chairman, President and CEO.

“I believe Japan can rightfully consider pride in the artistic traditions and attractiveness of Kabuki, which we have been selling ever because our foundation in 1895. Functioning with each other with UNIQLO has provided us the possibility to express Kabuki’s bold, yet delicate, aesthetics on clothes in a way in no way observed before to hundreds of thousands of UNIQLO followers about the world,” said Jay Sakomoto, Shochiku President and CEO. 

“I am honoured to serve as the worldwide ambassador for this new venture, and I have appreciated contributing ideas. I feel that by combining the traditional colours and patterns of Kabuki with the contemporary styles of UNIQLO, we have developed anything that is modern and completely new. I wish for everyone to expertise and appreciate the clothes very first hand by seeing and touching the pieces, and I hope the new assortment will grow to be extremely common,” said Ichikawa Ennosuke IV. 

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