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Introducing iRestore Hair Growth



I’;m the self-titled authoritarian on going bald. Even if I walked into a committee meeting by accident, and the agenda of the meeting was ‘going bald’;, and the committee and the board were all composed of bald men, and it was chaired by Patrick Stewart, I would own that entire room of chrome domes. A while back I was commissioned to write an article on going bald. I revealed how I tried desperately and in vain to prevent my hairs fatalism. I went to specialist clinics that were so dire and back alley, they wouldn’;t have looked out of place in a listicle of the country’;s best derelict buildings. I watched endless videos of supposed brand ambassadors such as Jimmy White and Shane Warne talk about these clinics with horribly dubbed voices. Clinics where doctors no longer become doctors, but car salesmen, trying to jettison their phony untested treatments much like my crown was mercilessly jettisoning my hair follicles.


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