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Hip Flasks for the Urban Whisky Drinker



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Hip Flasks for the Urban Whisky Drinker

Whisky. If ever a liquid embodied the spirit of Manliness, whisky is it. The clear, sincere colour of distilled grain is suffused with care, understanding, strength – and a tiny bit of luck. Gentleman Jack indeed. The tradition of sitting back and knocking back a dram is centuries previous. Certainly, Jesus may possibly have been a dab hand at turning water into wine, but it was his ardent monk followers whom we have to thank for incorporating malt mash to the method and producing anything a minor stronger.

A equivalent religious devotion is still used nowadays by the world’s distilleries, each massive and modest, to generate quality whisky, complicated ample to be savoured leisurely, and with sufficient heft to match vermouth in a cocktail glass.

Whisky’s noble roots can even be found in its name. The monks referred to it rather grandly in Latin as Aqua Vitae, “water of life”. In Gaelic: uisce beatha. Whisky. Yet all as well typically we abandon this earthly ambrosia in favour of gin, vodka, wine and Pimms. We really feel that unless we have the time to sink back into a sumptuous armchair, spaniel at our feet, and savour each drop, we ought to drink anything else. 


If we’re joining friends for a boozy event then it’s considerably easier to grab a can of one thing from the supermarket. You can not give whisky the respect it deserves with the normal picnic equipment of plastic cups and aluminium tins. Nor would anybody in their appropriate minds cart a entire bottle of the very good things to waste at a get together.

So SWIG have determined to do something about it. They’;ve designed the world’s 1st brand of artisan hip flasks for the urban whisky drinker. Why? Simply because a whisky hasn’t spent decades in an oak cask just to gather dust in a cabinet – or worse, finish up in any old vessel. Very good scotch, excellent bourbon, excellent whisky, deserves a fantastic flask. And so does its drinker. 

Therefore, SWIG’s correct merit is the spot it holds in a gentleman’s fashion. The flask’s interchangeable pouches are that extra minor detail a connoisseur appreciates, feel a pocket square with objective. From handmade Harris Tweed, to wet-moulded leather from Andalucia, SWIG has ensured there’s a pouch for every man – whether or not he’s clutching a twelve bore in the Highlands, or an iPhone in the City, cheering England on in the Ashes, or sampling EPs in Hackney.

What’s much more, every single flask designates its owner a distinctive SWIG number, incorporating individuality to quality. When you own a SWIG, you present your self the chance to have your personal #SWIGmoment.


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