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Brand Spotlight on Ralph Lauren



To truly gauge which turn the eponymously labeled brand Ralph Lauren will take next, perhaps we should take a scant look over the journey it has taken so far. The vehicle facsimile of Ralph Lauren is a 50s Buick, not a modern city Hybrid. It’;s a car that’;s taken the scenic route, and stowed away in the trunk, lies there-in the American Dream. Each collection is fashioned from Ralph’;s vision of a life one should aspire to, even the logo is emblematic of an elitist lifestyle (who really plays Polo?). Take a look at the bibliography of magazine covers that feature Ralph Lauren, he takes you to the Hamptons, to the Islands, to the West. Ralph Lauren removed the stale depiction of sartorial wear draped on a mannequin in a poorly lit shop window and sent his dream on holiday, in turn sending you the postcard.


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