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55 Lovely Long Hair Ladies With Layers



long hairstyles with layers

Long hairstyles with layers is something a lot of us strive for over the years. When you have long hair, you have a lot of style options to choose from. Contrary to popular belief, long hair doesn’;t have to be a lot of work or hassle. These 55 pics of lovely long hair ladies make you want to grow your hair out fast. Keep in mind that adding length is not hard with extensions or a well-made wig.

1. Long Ash Blonde Waves

The classic long waves with center part look pretty on ladies of all ages. This color is amazing and shows that there are some gorgeous blonde colors out there that do not seem often enough.

2. Brown Blonde Balayage Waves

55 Lovely Long Hair Ladies Balayage Brown Blonde

Those that have been curious about balayage should just go for it. Balayage color is expensive, but there is a reason for that. Handpainted highlights take a lot more time than regular color service.Color grows out and blends in with your hair so there are no visible roots so you can get away with fewer visits.

3. Light Blonde Balayage

long hairstyles with layers balayage blonde

Light blonde often looks better when there is some effort to incorporate other tones. This balayage look is a great alternative to the bleached blonde look.

4. Messy Layered Blonde With Side Swept Bangs

long hairstyles with layers messy

This is a beach inspired look that is sure to please. The texture and layers are what makes this look stand out so much from other cuts.

5. Multi-Tonal Blonde Swept Away Layers

long hairstyles with layers multi tone

The way the tones of this blonde flow together is simply amazing. The swept back and away look stunning and is a great choice for ladies that like a lot of different blonde shades.

6. Long Red Shaggy Layers With Bangs

long hairstyles with layers long red

This dark red shag is gorgeous. The copper highlights take this red to a whole new level. Shaggy bangs are a fab touch that we can dig. One thing to remember about red hair is that if you need to dye your hair to get the color, be sure to use products to extend the color because reds fade fast.

7. Bright Red & Blonde Scene Cut

long hairstyles with layers red blonde

Today is a time when no one should be afraid of hot color. This choppy shaggy cut is a lot of fun, and the red color and blonde streaks are edgy but pretty.

8. Very Long Asymmetrical Lob

long hairstyles with layers assymetrical

This is a very extreme asymmetrical cut. However, if you are into a longer cut but want to reduce weight, then this is a cut to consider. An undercut design will add some extra fun to this long bob.

9. Soft Feathered Dark Layers

long hairstyles with layers soft feathered

The texture achieved with this cut shows what a good hair cutter can do when put to work. Feathered layers are one of the seasons hottest styles.

10. Cherry Coke Balayage

long hairstyles with layers cherry coke

This balayage dye job goes far beyond the typical. Red is effortlessly blended with darker tones to get this unique color.

11. Dreamy Chestnut Layers

long hairstyles with layers oft feathered chestnut

Brunette beauties will benefit from this look. Dreamy chestnut layers with subtle highlights are easy to get and always beautiful.

12. Penelope Cruz Long Caramel Highlight Layers

long hairstyles with layers feathered carmel side sweep

Caramel highlights go a long way with this look. Penelope is not afraid of larger hair looks.

13. Brown To Red & Blonde Balayage Layers

long hairstyles with layers dark to copper

The color pattern shown here says it all.

14. Warm & Cool Brown Layers

long hairstyles with layers feathered highlights

Variation is key to a great layered color cut. Warm and cool come together well with this look.

15. Soft Layered Medium Brown Bob

long hairstyles with layers light brown side sweep

Medium brown smooth layers are hard to beat.

16. Caramel Blonde To Brown Balayage Layers

long hairstyles with layers feathered long balayage

Multi-tonal blonde and brown color are where its at.

17. Red Blonde Layers

long hairstyles with layers red blonde

There are plenty of hair dye that claims to be red blonde, and this look shows you what they mean. This gorgeous color is enhanced by well-done layering.

18. Very Long Feathered V Layers

long hairstyles with layers soft feathered

This very long V is tastefully cut and perfectly shows off the beauty of this ladies hair.

19. Mid-Length Wavy Blonde Layers

long hairstyles with layers wavy mid

Honey blonde waves are romantic and just plain gorgeous.

20. Big Blonde Layer Cut

long hairstyles with layers big layers

This very long blonde look has a ton of layers to it. This is a suitable look for women with very thick hair. The taper of the layers is seen in this side view and gives a good rule of thumb for your stylist to use.

21. Middy Long Scene Choppy Layers

long hairstyles with layers razor

Not all scene hair has to be a wild color. This dark brown cut frames the face and the choppy aspects add amazing texture. Women of all ages can wear this look, and if you want to mix it up, a few streaky highlights that are well placed are quite stylish.

22. Very Shaggy Major Razor Cut With Bangs

long hairstyles with layers shaggy

Very choppy looks are hot right now, and this platinum shaggy cut is worthy of the list just for the face framing quality of the well-placed layers.

23. The Dark V

long hairstyles with layers angle v

This darker hair color looks fabulous with thought out layers that form a gorgeous V.

24. Ash Blonde Wavy Layers With Side Sweep

long hairstyles with layers ash waves

This look shows how beautiful ash blonde hair can be. The multitude of cool tones is impressive.

25. Bottom Blonde Waves

long hairstyles with layers ash bottom waves

Waves and curls at the bottom help balance out a face.

26. Black Feather Layers

long hairstyles with layers black feathered

Layers that feather out can be a lot of fun and flatter the face.

27. Cheryl Cole’s Layers

long hairstyles with layers cheryl cole

Chery knows how to rock big hair, and her highlighted layers are enviable. You can get the same look no matter what hair color you choose.


28. Waist Length Medium Brown Layers

long hairstyles with layers layers chestnut

This cut shows how you can get waist length hair without all the w7

29. Ultimate Choppy Texture Layers

long hairstyles with layers choppy

This very choppy look is modern and stylish. Razor cut layers are the standard for layered cuts among many women.

30. Warm Brown Highlighted Layers

long hairstyles with layers copper highlights

These soft layers are enhanced by the warm brown tone of the hair.

31. The Dark Curve Layer Cut

long hairstyles with layers dark curve

We love how the layers of this cut curve in to perfectly frame a gorgeous face.

32. Waist Length Dark V Layers

long hairstyles with layers dark v

The length is impressive, and the layers make this cut truly stunning.

33. Strawberry Blonde Huge Curl Layers

long hairstyles with layers huge curls

The strawberry blonde color trend is hot and here to stay.

34. Jennifer Aniston’s Layers

long hairstyles with layers aniston

Jennifer is great at layered looks. This lighter blonde cut has fewer layers than she usually has but still looks fabulous.

35. Majorly Thick Shaggy Long Layers

long hairstyles with layers choppy layers

This lady is lucky to have such thick and beautiful hair to work with. There are a lot of layers in this style, and the texture is just fab.

36. Long Dark Luscious Curls

long hairstyles with layers long dark curls

Taking the plunge and going curly is well worth it.

37. Platinum Super Long Waves & Layers

long hairstyles with layers platinum

The challenge with this look is getting the length and color without damaging hair too much. Platinum color is beautiful but bleaching hair can be very harsh, so if you are naturally dark-haired this look may not be for you.

38. Curly End V Layers With Flowers

long hairstyles with layers flowers

If you love flowers then why not wear them in your hair? These carefully placed flowers are just so pretty in this cut.

39. Long Blonde Messy Layers

long hairstyles with layers mussed blonde

Layers don’t have to be neat to look good. In fact, a lot of the hottest styles are messy.

40. Sunkissed Razor Layers

long hairstyles with layers razor lob

This basic razor cut is classy and stylish at the same time. This is a great look if you are searching for low maintenance.

41. Red Side Swept Layers

long hairstyles with layers red side sweep

This classy look is beautiful in so many ways. These layers make it so easy to look good on a daily basis.

42. Rock N Roll Hair

long hairstyles with layers rock n roll

A long shaggy cut with wings is just what you need for a style refresher. This cut is a good alternative to the scene hair cuts and is a bit more retro in appearance.

43. Ultra Long Wavy Messy Layers

rock n roll waves

44. Super Shiny Shattered V-Cut

long hairstyles with layers shattered v

This fresh take on the traditional V-shaped layered cut is gorgeous.

45. Side Swept Sandy Blonde

long hairstyles with layers side swept sandy blonde

Sun kissed blonde hair is some of the most natural looking blonde colors you can get.

46. Ultimate Wave Layers

long hairstyles with layers sun blonde

The before and after shots show what just a little color can do for a look. Caramel lowlights and a cooler blonde toner takes away the yellow that was so prominent before.

47. The Ultimate SWAG

long hairstyles with layers swag and bangs

This shaggy 70s inspired cut is all the rage and with good reason. Well, textured layers and thick bangs are flattering to almost anyone.

48. Just Past The Shoulder Shaggy Bob

long hairstyles with layers swag side sweep

The warm highlights of this shaggy bob make it come alive. This style is going to look for busy ladies of all ages.

49. Rounded Long Layers With Blunt Bangs

long hairstyles with layers blunt thick bangs

This cut isn’;t quite curly, but the rounded layers are a good alternative for those that are craving a somewhat curly look but don’;t want the maintenance.

50. Very Long Scene Hair

long hairstyles with layers very long

Scene hair doesn’t have to be ultra bright colored or over the top. A cute long layered razor cut is charming on a lot of different ladies.

51. Violet Sterling Layers

violet gray

Older ladies would do well to embrace a pastel color for a new look.

52. Dark Shaggy Layers With Thick Bangs

long hairstyles with layers long dark layers

53. Below The Chin Is Just The Beginning Cut

long hairstyles with layers long medium waves

These layers start out rather long compared to a lot of other long layered looks. This length perfectly suits the model.

54. Kim Kardashian’s Major Volume & Highlights

long hairstyles with layers kardashian

Kim goes through a lot of styles, but this major volume layered look is one of our favorites for long hair.

55. Miranda Lambert’s Side Sweep & Wavy Blonde Layers

long hairstyles with layers miranda lambert

Miranda stays true to her country roots, and this side swept blonde cut suits her face perfectly. This same cut with balayage color could look even more amazing.

Long Hair Tips

● Longer hair requires more attention to a good conditioning regime. Make sure you are at least deep conditioning weekly. If you don’;t use a separate conditioner when you shampoo, then switch to an all in one formula.

● Regular trims are necessary to maintain condition. If you start skipping too many visits, then you will likely run into split ends and even breakage.

● Color is a great way to enliven your look but if you over dye long hair it is more likely to break off. Going to a professional for touch ups will largely eliminate this risk. Going a lot lighter than you natural color is often more damaging than going darker.

● Extensions can add a lot of extra length with ease if you struggle to get your hair as long as you would like. They are a great way to add in some extra streaks of color without using chemical hair dyes.

● Realize that you can wear long hair no matter what age you are. The key to great long hair is a good cut that flatters your unique beauty.

Choosing Your Style

The beauty of long layered hair is that it is easy to change the look if you are ever unhappy. Layers also help alleviate some of the weight and heat thick haired ladies have to manage.

As you can tell, layered haircuts are very popular, so this means that creative women are constantly coming up with new twists on the trend. Over the years we are sure you will have a lot of fun with fab layered looks.

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