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Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant: Before & After Procedure



Wayne Rooney hair transplant got no.1 spot among the best celebrity hair transplants according to a recent poll. How did Rooney got his hair back? how much did Wayne Rooney hair transplant cost? Where did he got his hair transplant done?  These are the common questions asked by many of his fans and in this article we will be discussing Wayne Rooney hair transplant in detail along with his before-after procedure photos.

Wayne Roney Before After Hair Transplant

Rooney Hair Transplant (Before and After)

Wayne Rooney is one of the biggest stars in the world of football. He has had an illustrious career that also includes being the reigning captain of the England’s national team and Manchester United. Well, it can be easily gauged that he also enjoys a huge fan following that runs into millions. Any and every development in his life makes a worthy new item including his hairstyles. Wayne Rooney went through two hair transplants to fight his receding hairline. With the world watching his every move, Wayne Rooney hair transplants have become one of the most talked about and most studied transplants of all times. The fact that he went public with the procedure also made it easier.

In June, 2011, he went through his first procedure at the Harley Street Hair Clinic in London. He kept no secrets from his fans and instead, took his fandom by a storm when he tweeted:

Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not. I’m delighted with the result.

His fans came out in his full support and he also went ahead to share the complete details of the procedure.

Hair transplantation is not a new technique, it has been around for a while now. The procedure causes little discomfort to the patient, who may choose to watch television or even fall asleep during the process. With a good doctor, scarring is not a concern, nor is it a requirement to shave the head. Other than that, the patient does not suffer any after effects, so a break from work is not a requirement either. It is also equally beneficial for women as it is for men. Only the skin or hair type are a factor due to which the results may vary.


It did work for him, however, cost him a small fortune of £13,500. After the successful procedures, Rooney also grabbed the number one spot on a poll for the best celebrity hair transplants. This list also included Gordon Ramsay, Elton John among others.

Wayne Rooney First Hair Transplant

These pictures show Rooney in 2005, before the hair loss started. The second is from 2010, a little before the transplant and the third one after the first transplant.

Though, the hair grew back, they seemed to be dry and not with good texture. The experts were of the view that it was temporary and as time passes the texture would improve. However, in the public appearances made by Rooney, the hair seemed to continue falling. It was so pronounced that another bald patch became visible. Now along with his front hair, his crown hair also appeared to be withering away. He went for a second round of transplant from Harley Street Hair Clinic.

Wayne Rooney Second Hair Transplant

The pictures show Rooney, in 2013, with a second bald patch appearing. The second picture shows him just after the second hair transplant.

This puts the total cost of Wayne Rooney hair transplants at approximately £30,000, quite a figure for even a professional football player like him. The clinic handling his procedures went on to clarify that the second procedure was pre-planned and part of the lifetime care. It was reported that it is generally done in order to keep up with the pattern baldness and to maintain the aesthetic look. This also depends on the hair and skin of the patient and the second transplant may not be necessary in all the cases.

Rooney made hair transplants mainstream and all of a sudden people became inquisitive and even open to the procedure. Generally, public figures shy away from confessing to undergoing such procedures as they fear that this would impact their image negatively. However, Rooney did not shy away from it and has garnered huge fan support in the process too.


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